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Learning and Teaching

At St Joseph’s we offer a well balanced and rich curriculum that caters to the needs of the individual and their particular learning style. We promote positive attitudes to learning and encourage each pupil in the pursuit of individual excellence.

The staff in our school plan for student learning on the assumption that all students can and will learn. Our religious beliefs and values permeate through all teaching and learning experiences. In this, the dignity of each individual is catered for in all learning experiences. All students are encouraged to be engaged in their learning and parents are kept informed of student achievements, work efforts and work habits. Students in Year 3 and Year 5 participate in the annual NAPLAN assessments. The proportion of our students meeting the minimum standards in the NAPLAN assessments are outlined in our Annual Report.
St Joseph’s School students are placed at the centre of learning and teaching. Teachers use their knowledge of their students to create responsive learning and teaching experiences to cater for the diverse range of students' needs and learning styles. The culture within the school is to expect a high standard of learning and that all children will work to the best of their abilities.
At St Joseph’s, we believe purposeful and authentic learning occurs through:
  • The learner being actively involved in the learning process.
  • Inquiring into student interests and passions.
  • Hands-on and engaging learning environments.
  • Real-life learning experiences.
  • Involving students in decision making about their own learning.
  • Developing life-long learning skills.
  • Students taking responsibility for their learning.
  • Students managing themselves as learners, social beings and active citizens.
  • A community of learners.
  • Students experiencing and celebrating on-going success as learners.
  • Encouraging curious, independent and reflective learners.

Written reports on student achievement are prepared and distributed to parents/carers twice each year, at the end of each semester. The report indicates where a child is compared to the standards set in the Victorian Curriculum (English, Mathematics, Science and History) and in the “To Live in Christ Jesus” Religious Education Curriculum. The school offers parent-teacher meetings throughout the year, but formally an information interview at the end of terms one and three.